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Welcome to the Thailand Ultramarathon.  If you are a runner, a walker, or even a supporter, you are in for a treat.  This event is in the beautiful far, far north west of Thailand, very close to the Burmese border.  This sparsely populated area is off the tourist track, and the route for the event heads into some very isolated areas.  


This is a trail run with a difference ..... on no other run will you pass through several  remote hill tribe villages, see awe-inspiring limestone cliffs, and the entrance to a cathedral-like river cave.  And there are also 700 year old burial mounds right next to the track .....


It's in the magnificent rural back country of north west Thailand.  The course has been designed to maximise time spent under the jungle canopy,  on ancient hill tribe trails, and on disused dirt roads.


There is a choice of two distances, approximately 50 or 100km.   Oh, and it's very tough, with 2500 meters of climbing on each 50km loop.


The races are held over two weekends.  The TU100 (100km) is on Saturday 18 October, and the TU50 (50km) is on Saturday 25 October.


Entries are limited to 100 runners for each event.


Great News .....The TU50 and TU100 are now official qualifying races for the The North Face UTMB, CCC, TDS and UTMF.  The TU100 will give you 3 points, and the TU50 1 point.


TU100 Course Change:


The TU100 course has been changed due to safety concerns, and is now 74km with 3900m of elevation gain.  We are waiting to hear back from the ITRA to see how this affects the points for the UTMB.  It should now be worth 2 points, but I will let you know when we have confirmation.